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Toe Amputation

When a veterinarian recommends a pet surgery like toe amputation, their main aim is to help stop the spread of an illness or improve your pet’s quality of life. Our team at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA, is well equipped to handle pet emergencies in cases of severe illness or accidents. 

Toe Amputation

Causes for Toe Amputation

Toe amputation becomes the only resort if your pet has a severe infection or abnormality that immensely affects the toe. It is deployed when the disease could spread, increasing pain and lowering the overall quality of your pet’s life. Some of the common causes of toe amputation for pets include:

Nail Bed Disorders

Certain conditions can affect the claw and surrounding area, causing inflammation around the nail. Most nail bed disorders can be detected and treated in various ways efficiently. Some severe conditions that cause fungal infections around the affected area may demand amputation to stop the spread.


When your pet gets into an accident where the toe is severely injured, amputation may be the only option. Such injuries can result from a fight, something dropping on the toe, or getting hit by a car.


Pets can sometimes develop a tumor on their toes. In such cases, there are various painful and expensive treatments. Instead of subjecting your pet to such procedures, amputation is the most effective treatment since it entirely removes the tumor.

Toe Amputation Procedure

The process is not as serious as other pet surgeries. When conducted by our professional staff, there are barely any complications. Before starting the procedure, our veterinarians test your pet to ensure they are healthy enough for the surgery. We will also discuss your pet’s life after amputation and how to ensure their optimal wellness in the future.

During the procedure, your pet is anesthetized, and we remove the fur surrounding the affected area before cleaning and sanitizing it. This prevents infection on the incision while healing. Our vets amputate the toe, suture the wound, and wrap it carefully in a bandage. Your pet may be able to go home within a few hours of the procedure or the following day.

Pet amputation requires you to go home with pain medication and antibiotics to help your animal during recovery. You may also need to go back to our clinic to get the bandage checked and probably replaced. It is crucial to ensure the dressing remains dry and clean to prevent any infection.

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