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Fractured Bones

What to Do when Your Pet Has a Fractured Bone

Fractured bones are a serious concern for pets of all ages and species. Your pets can experience a fractured bone without having symptoms that might be obvious from a human perspective. That’s why our team at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic offers emergency pet care that supports your pet health when an emergency happens. 

Our animal hospital in Diamond Bar, CA, wants you to know what you can do about a fractured or broken bone in your pet. Here are some tips you can use to help a pet with a fractured bone. 

fractured bones

Signs of Fractured Bones in Pets

There are a few common signs of a fractured bone in your pet. The most obvious signs are limping, sounding hurt, and avoiding putting any weight or pressure on the fractured bone. Other signs can include swelling, bruising, or bones no longer looking symmetrical—such as one leg having a sudden bend that does not match the other. 

Your pet might not have the same signs of a fractured bone as a person would. Keep in mind that pets might not be as expressive about these types of injuries as you might expect. Here’s a list of common signs of a fracture in pets. 

  • Limping
  • Not putting pressure on the fractured bone 
  • Avoiding play time, pets, or other physical contact 
  • Not wanting to be held
  • Hiding or not being as active as usual 
  • Whimpering 
  • Difficult eating or drinking 

How Our Animal Hospital Treats Fractured Bones

At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic our animal hospital can help you and your pet through this difficult time. 

We offer emergency services that include treating fractured bones in pets. We can examine your pet, determine the extent of the injury, and set the fracture so that your pet can heal. 

We also offer a variety of treatment options that can help your pet overcome this condition. This includes making sure that your pet is comfortable during the recovery and talking with you about how to care for a pet that is recovering from a fracture. 

Which Pets Are at Risk for Fractured Bones?

Our emergency pet care in Diamond Bar, CA treats fractured bones in any pets. Older pets and pets with pre-existing medical conditions are at more risk, but pretty much any pet that has a bone, can fracture a bone. 

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At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic, our animal hospital can treat your pet’s fractured bones. We also offer emergency pet care in Diamond Bar, CA that can treat fractured bones and much more. Give us a call at (909) 861-5737 to learn more about our pet care services and get the care that your pet needs. 

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