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Bone Fractures

If your cat or dog is experiencing pain due to a bone fracture, he or she may have limited mobility and might not be as active. At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA, we provide various treatments to alleviate your pet’s discomfort and improve its health. Before visiting us, learn why it’s important to seek treatment for bone fractures below:

Bone Fracture

What to Expect During Your Appointment

When you visit us, we will fully examine your pet to learn more about its condition. Our veterinarians may also take X-rays to determine the location and severity of the fracture. Afterward, we can recommend the necessary treatment that will help your pet heal.

Treatment for the Fracture

If your pet has a mild fracture, our veterinarians can put cast on the region that is affected. You will also need to closely monitor your cat or dog and make sure that it is inactive as it heals. For a fracture that is more severe, your pet may need surgery. In this case, we will discuss the procedure with you, ensure your pet is comfortable during the surgery, and provide aftercare instructions.

When to Seek Care

If you notice that your pet is limping or in pain, it is important to visit our veterinarians as soon as possible. Along with that, it is crucial not to delay treatment, as the bone can heal improperly and lead to further complications. After an examination, our vets will share the results with you and provide guidance on how to care for your pet and ensure it recovers fully. 

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At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA, we understand that bone fractures can significantly affect your pet’s health and wellness. With the right treatment, we can ease any uncomfortable symptoms and help your pet heal completely. To schedule your appointment, contact our office at (909) 861-5737 today. When you need a veterinarian near me, we are happy to assist you!

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