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Lethargy and Weakness

Is It an Emergency if Your Pet Exhibits Lethargy and Weakness?

East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic, your emergency veterinarian in Diamond Bar, CA, provides the finest in emergency pet care. We’re open when other vets are closed, and treat pets who are suffering from tick and animal bites, seizures, auto accident injuries, toxic ingestion, severe vomiting, and diarrhea. One question that some pet owners ask is whether it is an emergency if their pet exhibits signs of lethargy and weakness.

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Lethargy is characterized by a seeming sense of tiredness, fatigue, indifference, or lack of energy, while weakness affects your pet’s ability to move normally. While some lethargy may be due to emotional issues, boredom or overexertion, call our office immediately or make an appointment to bring your cat or dog to our veterinarian in Diamond Bar if it is usually active and peppy, and suddenly seems to become weak or withdrawn. There are a number of conditions which could be very serious that you will want to have our veterinarians check out, such as:

Heatstroke or Hypothermia - Some pets have difficulty responding to unusual temperatures, and their body starts to shut down. Heatstroke comes from prolonged exposure to heat or humidity and can be especially prevalent in snub-nosed dogs. Hypothermia results from being out in the cold too long. Your pet’s body temperature needs to be restored to normal as soon as possible.

Dehydration - It is important to keep your pet well-hydrated, especially in our California heat. Lack of water, especially after exercise, can lead a pet to become dehydrated and may cause internal damage.

Heartworm - An outdoor pet may have been bitten by a mosquito that carried heartworm disease, which has worked its way into your pet’s internal systems. This needs to be treated immediately before irreparable damage occurs.

Physical Conditions - Your pet might be experiencing some other type of physical problem which is causing distress, such as a heart problem, diabetes, lung condition, and kidney or liver disease.

Infection - Your pet may become lethargic if it is suffering from some type of infection, such as a kennel cough, parvovirus, leptospirosis or distemper.

Treatment of Pet Lethargy and Weakness in Diamond Bar

No matter what your pet’s symptoms are, our Diamond Bar veterinarians - Dr. Megan LeFave and Dr. Anne McDonald - will work to stabilize him and provide the proper treatment to restore normal health. We have the necessary diagnostic tools and treatment facilities on-site to properly assess and diagnose your pet’s condition, and begin immediate treatment.

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Located at 938 North Diamond Bar Boulevard, East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic is a full-service emergency pet clinic near Diamond Bar. Our Diamond Bar veterinarian has provided emergency, critical care, and urgent care services to Diamond Bar California and the surrounding cities of West Covina, Chino Hills, and Glendora since 1987. We offer convenient evening, overnight, weekend and holiday hours to service all pet emergencies. Contact (909) 861-5737 today if you need a veterinarian near Diamond Bar for lethargy and weakness.

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