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Orthopedics FAQs

Animals can develop a variety of orthopedic problems as a result of accidents, genetic factors, or aging. These problems of the spine, bones, and joints can lead to severe discomfort and the inability to function normally. At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar CA, we offer emergency pet care for orthopedic problems.

Orthopedics FAQs

What Orthopedic Problems Are Common in Pets?

Car accidents, falls, and fights with other animals can produce fractures of the bones that need immediate medical attention. Some breeds of dogs are prone to problems like elbow dysplasia or hip dysplasia. Disc problems can occur in older animals or those with unique physical structures, such as the dachshund. Small breeds of dogs often have trouble with luxating patella, a problem that occurs when the kneecap slips out of place.

What Are the Symptoms of an Orthopedic Disorder?

Animals with bone fractures may show obvious symptoms such as difficulty walking or inability to use the limb properly. Problems such as hip or elbow dysplasia may lead to limping or reluctance to exercise normally. A disc problem may cause loss of function in the neck or pain when walking. These issues can cause severe discomfort to the animal.

How Are Pet Orthopedic Problems Diagnosed?

Some orthopedic problems are obvious on physical inspection. X-rays are frequently used to view abnormalities in the hard structures of an animal’s body, such as the bones and joints. Observing how the animal moves can also tell the vet a great deal about problems with the bones and spine. 

What Treatments Are Available for Pet Orthopedic Disorders?

Fractures of the bones may require a simple setting with a cast or more complex surgery to restore and support the fragments. Animals that experience dysplasia of the elbow or hip may require physical therapy or pet surgery to correct the problem. A luxating patella can be repaired with a surgical procedure that provides good results. Disc problems may require medication or surgery to correct the issue. Careful diagnosis by an experienced veterinarian will provide answers about the best treatment for your pet. 

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