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Orthopedics FAQs

An injury to your pet's joints or legs can limit their movements. If you've noticed a change in your pet's movements, there could be an orthopedic issue that requires emergency pet care. At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic, we take pride in offering emergency pet services in Diamond Bar. We welcome you to our veterinary hospital for checkups and orthopedic pet treatments. These questions from our pet care clinic will help you learn more about pet orthopedics. 


What Is Orthopedic Treatment for Pets?

Orthopedics is a type of treatment where veterinarians correct issues in the musculoskeletal systems of your pet. The treatment often includes pet laser therapy or surgery to stimulate the pet's muscles, tendons, nerves, and joints and reduce pain.

What Causes Orthopedic Problems in Pets?

Injury is the leading cause of orthopedic issues in pets. Your pet could be running on stairs and fall or get hit by a moving vehicle, making it necessary to seek emergency pet care services. Similarly, excess weight can exert much pressure on your pet's legs and joints, causing orthopedic issues. Closely monitor your dog's behaviors and take it to an emergency veterinarian immediately if you notice negative changes.

How Long Is the Recovery Period After Orthopedic Pet Surgery?

There's no exact recovery time, but our emergency veterinarian will advise according to your pet's current health, age, and injury severity. Most pets recover within three days, while others may take several weeks. Facilitate the recovery period by following the instructions of your pet care provider and adhering to the clinic appointments. We may conduct an x-ray to check your pet's progress after the surgery and give advice on when the pet can engage in strenuous activities like running.

What Can I Expect During the Pet Orthopedics Surgery?

An emergency veterinarian will first examine the pet's health to know if it's fit for treatment. The examination may include screening using pet digital ultrasound, x-rays, and endoscopy to identify the affected joint and the extent of damage. Also, our pet orthopedics may check the lungs and heart to ensure the pet is fit for the surgery.

During the actual procedure, pet orthopedics may offer supplementary oxygen if the level of injury is high and the process will take some time. Afterward, the pet may spend the night at our veterinary hospital for close monitoring. We will then provide the right post-recovery tips and appointments to ensure your pet improves well.

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Do you need reliable pet orthopedics in Diamond Bar, CA? Welcome to East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic, a reputable veterinary hospital for pet surgery and comprehensive pet services. Our team is friendly, well-trained, and fully equipped to offer exemplary services to your pet. Visit our clinic or contact us today at (909) 861-5737 for assistance.

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