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Pet Anesthesia

Pet Anesthesia From East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic

If you have a dog or cat that will be having a surgical procedure in the near future, it is likely you are a bit concerned about the event. If you have questions regarding the surgery, reach out to East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic so you can speak to our veterinarian before the date arrives. In addition, read over the following information about pet anesthesia so you understand its importance during surgical sessions.


Reason Why a Pet May Need Anesthesia During Treatment

In most cases, a pet will be given general anesthesia if a surgical procedure needs to be performed. This will benefit our veterinarian as they will not need to worry about your pet moving around during the procedure. Local anesthesia may be given to a pet if a quick procedure is being performed, such as pulling a loose tooth from their mouth. Anesthesia will eliminate any pain and discomfort for your pet during surgery. 

How Safe Anesthesia Is For a Pet

Anesthesia is relatively safe for pets. Before your pet's surgical procedure is started, you will need to bring your cat or dog to our practice for a pre-operative checkup. This will determine that your pet is healthy enough to withstand the use of anesthesia. If your pet has a medical issue that keeps them from using anesthesia, the surgical procedure may need to be delayed until another time.

How Anesthesia Is Administered

Just as with humans, general anesthesia is administered with help from a mask which is placed over your pet's nose and mouth right before the surgery begins. Your pet will get sleepy and not have time to be afraid of the mask at all. If local anesthesia is being used, it is administered much like a vaccination. The use of an IV may also be necessary to keep the anesthesia flowing to your pet's body throughout the surgery.

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If you have concerns about anesthesia used for surgeries, give East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic a call to speak with our veterinarian. Call our practice at (909) 861-5737 to find out more.

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