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Bladder Stones

Treating Pet Kidney Stones in Diamond Bar, Ca

The kidneys play an important role in the health of your pet. It filters metabolic waste, regulates body fluids and encourages recirculation of cleansed blood into the system. When a pet develops bladder stones, you want to address the situation with appropriate treatments based on the severity of your pet's symptoms and the concerns that arise in relation to the stones.


What are Bladder Stones?

Pet bladder stone treatment starts with understanding the condition and the symptoms of the condition. At a Diamond Bar emergency animal hospital, your pets get the treatments they need when an emergency occurs. Our Diamond Bar emergency pet clinic provides appropriate solutions based on the needs of a pet and the severity of the stones that impact their health.

Symptoms of kidney stones in a pet include:

  • Blood in a pet's urine
  • Vomiting
  • Recurring urinary tract infections
  • Frequent urination
  • Pain while urinating

In many cases, the signs and symptoms develop when the stones are large enough to cause health concerns and require appropriate treatments. Most cases of bladder stones do not cause obvious symptoms at an early stage, so pet owners will notice severe symptoms in many situations.

Bladder Stone Treatment Options at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA

Pet bladder stone treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms and the situation. When the stones cause severe obstructions or contribute to severe pain, pet surgery offers a solution. The surgical procedure focuses on removing the stones before they grow larger. A pet owner then receives instruction about preventing future cases of bladder stones through dietary changes and appropriate medications.

In cases of small or minor stones that do not cause severe obstructions, we recommend appropriate dietary changes, hydration and appropriate medications based on the needs of the pet. We always evaluate the situation and use appropriate tools to evaluate the size of the stones and the severity of the obstruction. Laser treatments can also help break up existing stones, but the appropriate treatment plan varies based on the needs of the pet and the situation.

Recovery After Treatment

After treating bladder stones with appropriate surgical or laser treatments, we make specific recommendations for recovery times and appropriate activities. Generally, you want to encourage rest until we recommend exercises for your pet to ensure that any stitches from a surgical procedure heal or that your pet will not experience pain while playing with family members.

During the recovery process, we recommend making changes to a pet's diet based on his or her needs. In some cases, we recommend a greater amount of hydration and wet foods rather than dry foods. In other situations, our advice focuses on exercises and hygiene habits that encourage pets to maintain natural activities.

Bladder stones cause painful urination and blood in the urine of a pet. It also harms your pet's body by preventing appropriate cleansing processes. By removing the stones and changing pet habits, you encourage the healing process. To learn more about bladder stones in pets, contact us today at (909) 861-5737 for an appointment.

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