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Bite Wounds in Dogs

Dog Attacks

One of the most common reasons we see pets at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic is bite wounds in dogs. While some of these bites come from fights with wild animals, the vast majority of them come from other dogs. Not all dog bites come from strays, either. It's possible for your pet to get into a fight at the dog park, on your daily walk, or even in your own yard if a neighborhood dog gets through the gate or over the fence. Not all dog bites are serious, but they are all cause for concern for your family pet.

Reasons Dogs Bite

Aggressive behavior and biting have multiple causes. It can be used as a way for a dog to communicate meaning to other dogs, for resolving territorial issues, or as a reaction to a feeling of being threatened. In many cases, dogs will bite to solve competitive situations, such as:

  • Dominance issues in a pack
  • Attention from the owner
  • Food
  • Territory
  • To protect another dog 
  • To protect a child

How Serious are Bite Wounds?

Every dog bite is a matter of concern because each one can be the site of an infection. Bites can cause issues with skin and soft tissues. The powerful jaws and teeth of most dogs can crush or tear muscles and skin, cause serious wounds to the intestines and lungs, and can cause serious infections or death. Even bite wounds that don't break the skin can cause severe bruising or crushing.

Most bite wounds occur around the head and neck or on the legs. Neck bites can interfere with a dog's breathing, while head wounds can involve the ears, eyes, mouth, and nose. With leg bites, problems can occur with the joints, or crush injuries can even break bones.

Dog's mouths are filled with bacteria, which makes infection a serious danger. Any bite that breaks the skin will transfer germs into your pet's body, so we consider all bite wounds to be infected, and treat them as such.

What to Do If Your Dog is Bitten?

Some dog bites don't look serious, especially if there isn't a lot of blood, but that can be a dangerous idea. Small wounds that close up quickly can still cause internal damage or infection. If your dog has been in a fight with any other animal, it's important that you contact our clinic and bring it in for an examination. Some circumstances call for immediate emergency transport, such as wounds that won't stop bleeding, weakness, limping, whining and crying, or blue gums. If you see any of these signs, bring your dog in right away.

Emergency Care for Your Family Pets in Diamond Bar, CA

Any time your dog gets into a fight is a time to contact our office for advice. Contact us at (909) 861-5737. One of our experienced team will advise you on how to treat your pet before coming into our clinic.

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