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Pet Seizures

It is estimated that one out of every twenty dogs will suffer at least one seizure in his or her life. Seizures are also common in cats, impacting at least one percent of the cat population. The first time your pet has a seizure, you need to contact an animal hospital immediately. Our veterinarians at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar are here to ensure you know the facts about pet seizures.

Pet Seizures

Causes of Pet Seizures

Pets have seizures for a variety of reasons. These include poisoning, a bad reaction to medication, heatstroke, organ failure, brain tumor, injury to the head, or epilepsy. Some breeds of dogs are prone to suffer from epilepsy. These breeds include retriever breeds, Shetland sheepdogs, Keeshonds, vizslas, and beagles.

Focal or Partial Seizures

Although focal seizures, also called partial seizures, are less dramatic than grand mal seizures, they still need to be checked out by your veterinarian. These pet seizures consist of repetitive motions, such as a continual nodding of the head or paddling of one leg. Pets usually do not lose consciousness. They can become worse over time if left untreated.

Grand Mal Seizures

Watching your pet suffer a grand mal seizure is a frightening experience. They may fall on their side, flail their legs, foam at the mouth, bite their tongues, cry out, lose consciousness, urinate, or defecate. Although most grand mal seizures last less than 30 seconds, it can seem like hours. If possible, film the seizure on your phone to show your veterinarian.

Treating Seizures

Pets need tests to determine the cause of the seizures’. If your pet is showing other symptoms like fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, let your vet know. Some cases of epilepsy can be treated with daily medication.

Keeping a Seizure Journal

Since many seizures happen too quickly to film, keeping a journal of your pet’s seizures and sharing it with your vet can help us develop a diagnosis and aid in treatment. Write what your pet was doing before the seizure, how long the seizure lasted, how long it took for your pet to recover from the seizure, and if there were any new developments or signs.


Any seizure lasting longer than five minutes should be considered a medical emergency. Your pet needs emergency pet care to have a chance of surviving.

Transporting a Pet with a Seizure

Cats and small dogs need to be wrapped in a towel and placed in a carrier. Large dogs should be rolled onto a blanket and have the ends of the blanket lifted like a sling to help get the dog into a vehicle.

Get Treatment for Pet Seizures in Diamond Bar, CA

If you live in the Diamond Bar area, contact our veterinarians at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic. We offer critical and emergency pet care. Call our team today at (909) 861-5737 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form for non-emergencies.

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