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Pet Dermatology

If your cat or dog seems to be suffering from a dermatology issue, such as skin irritation or an itchy rash, finding an appropriate treatment for your pet is a priority for their comfort and health. Contact East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar to obtain a physical for your pet to determine the reasoning for their condition. Here are some of the issues your pet may be dealing with and how our vet can help.


The Presence Of Parasites

If your pet has a flea problem, their skin may suffer. Many pets are allergic to fleas and will suffer from severe itchiness accompanied by a rash if flea bites cause them distress. Our vet will check your pet for fleas and will provide them with a treatment to eliminate the parasites from the body completely. Medication will also help to reduce skin irritation effectively.

Allergic Reactions

Pets can suffer from allergic reactions of all types. Some pets are allergic to grooming products as harsh chemicals can cause skin difficulties to arise. Other pets have food allergies. Environmental allergies can also cause skin irritation or a rash to occur. It is important to pinpoint what the trigger is that causes skin problems for your pet so it can be avoided completely. Our veterinarian will conduct tests to help you find out what they are allergic to if skin problems are chronic and will provide your pet with the appropriate treatment to stop reactions from occurring.

Dry Skin

If your pet has dry skin, you may notice small pieces falling away from their body. Dry skin conditions are usually accompanied by itchiness. If you bathe your pet too much, oils in their skin will become depleted, often leading to a dry skin condition. It is best to avoid bathing your pet too often to see if their skin clears up. Our veterinarian can also provide you with medication to treat the skin so it is hydrated as needed.

Missing Fur

If your pet has patches of fur missing from its body, a skin problem may be the reason for this condition. Check your pet's skin in detail to see if there are any telltale signs of a rash. In some instances, the loss of fur is caused by anxiety or depression. It is best to contact our veterinarian if your pet is missing fur because each of these conditions requires treatment to stop the process from recurring.

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If your cat or dog has a dermatology problem, it is best to contact our Diamond Bar veterinarian to have an assessment conducted. Contact East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic today by calling our practice at (909) 861-5737 to find out more information.

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