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Has Your Pet Had a Seizure? Our Diamond Bar Veterinarian Has Information for You

Seizures occur as the result of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Sometimes called a convulsion, the scientific term for a seizure is “ictus.” Seizures often occur during times of changing brain activity, such as feeding time, excitement, or as your pet is falling asleep or waking up. If your pet has a seizure, take them to East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic, our veterinarian near Diamond Bar.

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Our Veterinarian in Diamond Bar Describes a Pet Seizure

A seizure typically begins by the pet collapsing onto the ground, going stiff and then going into convulsions, resulting from uncontrolled muscle contractions. Your pet may look like it is jerking its body, snapping its teeth, paddling its feet, and other similar movements. Your animal companion may even empty its bladder and bowels during the seizure.

It can be very distressing to see your pet have a seizure. A single seizure does not last for very long, usually lasting less than a minute or two. Your pet is unconscious during the seizure, fortunately, so your animal companion will not be aware of it. Your four-legged friend may seem completely normal between seizures.

Sometimes an animal will exhibit certain behavioral changes, such as pacing, circling, shaking, salivating, vomiting or yowling, shortly before the seizure. Animal specialists refer to this behavior before a seizure as an aura or pre-ictal behavior. After the seizure, your pet may display post-ictal behavior. Your furry friend may be disoriented, have temporary paralysis in one or more legs, have vision problems, vomit, or exhibit other behavioral changes. Post-ictal behaviors are usually temporary; your pet should return to normal within a few days.

Seizures can occur as a single event, in a cluster over a short time, or on a recurring basis where your pet might have a seizure or a cluster of seizures every few weeks or months.

If your pet has a seizure, contact our emergency pet clinic near Diamond Bar right away.

Diamond Bar Veterinarian Discusses Diagnosis and Treatment of Pet Seizures

Our Diamond Bar veterinarian may be able to determine the underlying cause of seizures in your pet. Diagnosis starts with a comprehensive evaluation that includes a physical examination, laboratory tests and sometimes an electrocardiogram (EKG) to rule out problems with your pet’s heart, kidneys, liver, electrolytes and blood sugar.

Epilepsy may cause seizures in some pets. In some cases, no cause can be found. Veterinarians refer to these as idiopathic seizures or idiopathic epilepsy.

The treatment for your pet’s seizures relies mainly on the underlying cause of the convulsions. Treatment may include anticonvulsant medications.

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If your pet has had a seizure, contact East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic. As your emergency veterinarian in Diamond Bar, CA, we have the training, diagnostic tools, and experience your pet needs after a seizure. East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic is conveniently located at 938 North Diamond Bar Blvd in Diamond Bar, CA. Contact us today at (909) 861-5737.

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