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Pyometra surgery

Pyometra is one of those things that a lot of pet owners might not be aware of. That's because they usually have female dogs or cats that have been fixed. Pyometra is an infection that involves intact female animals that still have their uteruses. If you live in Diamond Bar, CA, and you think your pet may be at risk for pyometra, bring her to East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic.  

Pyometra surgery

What Is Pyometra?

Pyometra is not something you want to deal with.

It’s an infection that is born out of the female cat or dog going through numerous heat cycles without ever becoming pregnant. After some time, the lining of the cat or dog’s uterus will become so thick that cysts will start to form in there. The liquids released by those cysts make your pet highly susceptible to infection.

If the infection occurs, pyometra will cause the uterus to fill up with pus. Pets suffering from that infection may also lose their appetite, experience a bout of diarrhea, and develop depression.

Those symptoms can be quite problematic. If they persist, they can endanger your pet’s life. Head to the animal hospital as soon as possible so your pet can receive the care she needs.

What Does Pyometra Surgery Entail?

Pet surgery is the ideal form of treatment for most cases of pyometra.

Pyometra surgery usually involves a spaying the pet, which means that she will not be able to reproduce in the future. If you want to breed your pet in the future, more complicated surgery will be necessary.

You should know that many pets who undergo pyometra surgery might not allowed to head home right away. She may have to stay at the hospital for at least the next couple of days so she can be monitored closely.

After your pet is released from the hospital, you may be instructed to give her medication. You should also keep an eye out for signs of a potential infection.

Entrust Your Pet’s Pyometra Surgery to an Expert on Our Veterinary Team

Is your pet cat or dog exhibiting the symptoms of pyometra? If so, take them to us at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic. Our doors are open to Diamond Bar, CA, residents so don’t hesitate to drop by if your pet needs emergency pet care. Call us at (909) 861-5737 for pyometra surgery and other types of pet surgery. Our animal hospital is here to help.

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