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Spay and Neuter FAQs

Spay & Neuter FAQs With Our Diamond Bar Veterinarians

At East Valley Emergency Pet Care, we recommend that all of our pet patients be spayed or neutered during their first year of life, if possible. Older dogs and cats can undergo the procedure, as well, but puppies and kittens have much quicker recovery times. Many pet owners who come into our office have questions about spaying and neutering. Here are some of the most common ones we come across.

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Is Spay & Neuter Surgery Painful For My Pet?

Spay & neuter surgery is always performed under general anesthesia, so your dog or cat won't feel any pain during the procedure. There will be a bit of discomfort while your pet heals, but recovery only takes a couple of days in most cases. With proper pain medication, your pet may feel no pain at all.

What are Health Benefits to the Procedures?

In addition to preventing unwanted litters, spaying and neutering prevent a range of cancers and conditions in both male and female pets. Among them are uterine cancer, testicular cancer, and ovarian cancer.

Should My Female Pet Have a Litter Before Being Spayed?

It's actually safer for our veterinarian to spay your female cat or dog before she's gone into her first heat cycle. Spaying early reduces the chances of many health problems, including mammary tumors and uterine infections.

Will Spaying or Neutering Make My Pet Gain Weight?

While the procedure can lower the metabolism of some pets, weight gain is firmly connected to the amount of food eaten and the amount of daily exercise your pet has. With healthy amounts of both, your pet shouldn't gain excess weight.

Will The Procedure Make My Pet Less Affectionate?

Because they're free from the urge to seek a mate, most animals are calmer and quieter after the procedure. This often results in a dog or cat that enjoys petting and affection more, not less, than before.

How Old Should My Pet Be When Spayed or Neutered?

In most cases, we recommend pets undergo the procedure by six to nine months of age. However, dogs and cats can be spayed or neutered as young as eight weeks, as long as they weigh at least two pounds and are in good health. Older pets can be neutered or spayed, as well, but they'll have a longer recovery time.

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