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We Can Provide Your Pet's Veterinarian Needs and Emergency Pet Care

We here at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic offer pet care when you need it the most.  If your pets are injured over the weekend or at night and need immediate assistance, we’re here to make sure they get it.  Our clinic is modern and well appointed, providing the state-of-the-art pet care you’d expect from other animal hospitals during the hours when you need it the most. 


Conditions Treated at Your Diamond Bar Emergency Veterinarian

  • Snake and Insect Bites: If your pet is bitten by a venomous snake or has a severe reaction to a bee sting, do not delay bringing them in for care. Did you know, in addition to offering emergency care for snake bites, we also now offer a rattlesnake vaccination. 
  • Trauma: No matter the cause, from cars to altercations with other dogs, sometimes pets find themselves in need of trauma care. We have the ability to treat your pet's wounds quickly and efficiently here at our clinic. 
  • Seizures: If your pet has never had an episode of seizures in the past, this can be frightening to witness. We offer seizure care for your pet no matter if it is a diagnosed condition or new symptom. 
  • Eye Infections: Eye infections can be dangerous if left untreated.  Here at our clinic, we can diagnose and treat whatever’s causing the pet’s discomfort.  
  • Blood in Urine: This can be a sign of something wrong internally with your pet, and we have many methods of discovering, then treating, the cause. 
  • Choking:  A blocked airway is always an urgent care emergency. If your pet shows any signs of respiratory distress, do not put off care even a moment. 
  • Vomiting and/or Diarrhea: If your pet's sickness goes beyond two or three episodes, do not delay getting care. A pet can quickly become dehydrated when they are releasing liquids, and veterinary care may be needed. 
  • Collapse: If your pet falls down, shows signs of dizziness, or outright collapses, then they are in dire need of emergency pet care. 
  • Heatstroke or Hypothermia: Like humans, pets can both overheat and freeze. This is why proper hydration and supervision is vital. Call us if your pet shows signs of difficulty after being outdoors. 
  • More: We treat many conditions here at our emergency veterinary clinic in Diamond Bar CA, we even offer preventative care such as parasite control and spay and neutering. Call us to find out more.

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If your pet needs an emergency veterinarian during the weekend or late at night, don't worry about facing those hours alone. Instead, come in for emergency pet care at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic. We serve the Diamond Bar CA. Area with the best in care. Call us at (909) 861-5737.

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    I love coming to work everyday! Ever since I started working here at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic I have been reading and learning as much as I can about pet health and well being. Now my pets and I are living a healthier life and can pass my knowledge and experience to other families so they too can discover wellness!

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