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Understanding Pet Trauma in Diamond Bar, CA

Understanding Pet Trauma

Pet trauma happens when your pet experiences a painful situation that might make him or her behave abnormally. The active lifestyles of pets put them at a greater risk of getting traumatic injuries. Your pet might be wounded by other violent pets from the neighborhood or even be hit by a speeding car. Though these situations can be stressful for everyone, understand that our team is here to help you and your pet when it's needed most. With the help of our qualified veterinary team at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, we can provide the treatment your pet needs to stay healthy and happy.

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What Causes Trauma in Pets?

Pet injuries are common and can happen when you least expect them. Major causes of these traumas include:

  • Violent attacks from other animals
  • Physical abuse by human beings
  • Car accidents
  • Injuries from weapons that include sharp objects
  • Falling from trees and other raised places
  • Insect stings
  • Poisoning

Signs of Traumatized Pets

When your pet is traumatized, he or she will behave abnormally. Don't expect your pet to be themselves. An injured pet may run away from you, move randomly, breathe rapidly, or have subtle fractures. Other common symptoms to note include changes in body temperature, aggression, seizures, instant paralysis, and excessive bleeding. When contacting our animal hospital for emergency pet care services, it is essential to explain your pet's symptoms when you call.

What Should You Do if Your Pet is Traumatized?

Since pet injuries occur unexpectedly, they might fill you with uncontrollable tension. However, during such situations, it's essential to stay calm for your pet's sake. Focus on finding a solution for your pet. In situations where your pet is moving around uncontrollably, do not chase him or her because that may make them more uncomfortable. Try getting closer to them slowly. Once you are near your pet, carefully leash or grab them. Some pets get aggressive when traumatized, so make sure to stay safe when containing your pet.

Contact Us for Treatment from Our Experienced Staff in Diamond Bar, CA

At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic, our team offers emergency pet care to animals in Diamond Bar and the surrounding areas. We handle all kinds of pet trauma-related incidents, from car accidents to toxic ingestion. Contact us today to see how our team can help your pet live their best life. 

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