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Emergency Veterinary Services in Diamond Bar, CA

At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic, we know how much your pets mean to you. When they need immediate medical attention, you need a backup plan you can trust. After your regular veterinarian goes home for the day, rely on us for emergency veterinary services in Diamond Bar, CA. We treat sick and injured pets throughout eastern Los Angeles County, prioritizing the most time-sensitive cases to give every pet a fighting chance.

Emergency Exams for Dogs, Cats & Exotic Animals

We welcome any animals that can fit through our doors, including the following:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Rabbits
  • Small mammals (hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs)
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Small farm animals 

As soon as you arrive, our triage team will assess the severity of your pet's illness or injury. If our veterinarians need to see a more critical case first, we will keep you updated and comfortable as you wait.

Quick & Accurate Diagnoses

Our veterinarians perform all critical diagnostic tests on-site, allowing them to figure out what's wrong and start treatment immediately. We detect foreign bodies and fractures with state-of-the-art digital radiography equipment, assess prenatal and cardiovascular activity with ultrasound imaging, and analyze blood and other biological samples with laboratory tests.

Emergency Veterinary Treatments

If your pet swallows a foreign object or suffers from an unexplained blockage, we'll use a flexible endoscope to examine their upper GI tract and perform an extraction. If your dog or cat needs a blood transfusion after a traumatic accident or an illness complication, we have fresh frozen plasma and whole red blood cells in stock. We also store packed red blood cells for dogs.

24-Hour Veterinary Care

When other veterinary clinics are closed, our doors are still open for animals in need. East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic is open from 6 PM to 8 AM every weekday, and 24 hours a day every weekend.

Intensive Care Unit

Medical emergencies are scary enough for your pets; they shouldn't have to deal with the stress of strange animals and non-stop chaos in between their medical treatments. We do everything we can to comfort and soothe your pets, including giving them a private, peaceful space to rest while we monitor their progress.


Our emergency pet clinic is stocked with the medications we need to stabilize your pet's condition and relieve their pain or discomfort. While your pet is under our care, we leave an intravenous (IV) catheter in place to minimize the time and pain associated with IV medicines. We also dispense antibiotics and other prescription medications for home use, and we follow strict safety protocols for all procedures involving anesthesia.

Pet Emergency Look No Further! Contact Us Today

Our Diamond Bar clinic serves pets throughout the LA suburbs, including Chino Hills, Glendora, and West Covina, CA. We offer police, military, and senior citizen discounts, and we always provide written estimates for surgeries and hospitalizations. Call us at (909) 861-5737 to learn more about our emergency clinic or request a recommendation.

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    I love coming to work everyday! Ever since I started working here at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic I have been reading and learning as much as I can about pet health and well being. Now my pets and I are living a healthier life and can pass my knowledge and experience to other families so they too can discover wellness!

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