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Pet Trauma

If you need emergency pet care or pet trauma treatment, look no further than our veterinary team at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic, an animal hospital serving Diamond Bar, CA. We are experts at handling pet emergencies and we know how distressing it can be when you need to attend to your pet’s injuries.

pet trauma

Understanding Pet Trauma

To understand your pet friend’s problem, it may be a good idea to learn more about what pet trauma looks like.

Signs of Pet Trauma

From time to time, pet trauma will occur when you do not expect it. Some of the causes include accidents, injuries, or sudden injuries. In such cases, you need to identify the problem when you see it. Some of the symptoms of pet trauma include excessive bleeding, difficulties in breathing, lethargy, limping, or vomiting.

Steps to Follow for Emergency Pet Care

When you encounter a pet emergency, you may need to act quickly. The steps below might help you get your pet the care he needs

1.         Be composed so that you will have a clear mind to solve the issue that is at hand.

2.         Reach out to your veterinarian. If you can, call our animal hospital and we will get your pet the help he needs.

3.         It may be a good idea to apply pressure to wounds to stop further bleeding and cover it with a clean bandage, or cloth.

4.         It might be a good idea to make sure that the pet is warm. If the pet is in some form of shock, look for something to wrap them, for example, a blanket.

5.         Transport the pet safely to a veterinary animal hospital that is near you.

It is important to stay calm and call for help. Panicking won’t help you or your pet. Additionally, once you have us on the phone, we will guide you through the next steps and help do what you need to to keep your pet healthy and safe.

Get Pet Trauma Treatment and Emergency Pet Care from Our Animal Hospital

If you are looking for emergency pet care services near you in Diamond Bar, CA, look no further than our veterinary team at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic. Call us at (909) 861-5737 for pet trauma treatment and emergency pet care from a veterinarian near you at our animal hospital.

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