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Emergency Care & Critical Care

Emergency Pet Care

Like people, pets face the risk of accidental injuries, serious diseases and physical trauma that can pose a threat to their life and limb. When critical situations threaten your pet’s health, take him to East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar for emergency pet care. Your pet depends on you for his health, protection, and safety. You’ll find our facility and staff fully capable of handling your pet’s critical care.


Situations Requiring Emergency Pet Care

You can’t always stop an accident from happening, but you can be prepared. By keeping the number to our pet clinic handy, you can call our emergency veterinarian immediately if your pet needs emergency care. Here are some emergency situations we’re capable of treating:

Physical Trauma – If your pet suffers burns, fractures or head injuries due to an auto or home accident, bring him to our clinic for critical care. We’ll give your pet the prompt, effective treatment he needs to manage pain and recover from his injuries.

Ingestion of Toxic or Foreign Objects – Cats are drawn by strange smells, putting them at risk of getting into toxic substances like household cleaners or insecticides. Certain foods are toxic to cats as are some types of plants and OTC medications. Toxic poisoning can damage your pet’s internal organs. If your pet shows signs of being poisoned such as gagging, vomiting or diarrhea, call your emergency veterinarian right away.

Animal Wounds – If you own an aggressive dog, he may get into a fight with another animal and suffer bite wounds that need tending right away. Your pet may be stung by a bee and have an allergic reaction or get into a row with a snake and get bit. Left untreated, these wounds can become infected. Call your vet for emergency pet care.

Heatstroke – Heatstroke can be a serious illness for a dog or cat. By keeping your pet indoors during the heat of the day, you can avoid this problem. If your pet is having difficulty breathing, starts having seizures, is lethargic or in a stupor or shows signs of weakness, he may be overheated. Call your vet to arrange a checkup right away.

Anytime your pet’s experiencing symptoms of pain or discomfort, you should call your vet. Signs of excessive diarrhea or vomiting, swelling, problems urinating, lack of muscle control or listlessness should be reported to your vet as they could be symptoms of a serious illness or disease. The sooner your pet sees a veterinarian, the sooner he can get treatment.

Visit Our Clinic for Critical Pet Care

When emergency situations threaten the life of your beloved pet, call East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar at (909) 861-5737 for critical pet care.

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