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Loss of Balance or Collapse

Our Diamond Bar Veterinarian Discusses Loss of Balance or Collapse

If you’re looking for a Diamond Bar Veterinarian, we can serve most of your pet care needs. We are an emergency pet clinic that has dealt with just about every pet emergency imaginable. We are open when most other animal clinics are closed and we take pride in giving your pet the loving emergency care services that any treasured family member should receive.

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As your family veterinarian in Diamond Bar, we know that there are some situations which pet owners should never take too lightly when it comes to their pet’s health. A condition that should always receive immediate attention is when your pet collapses or experiences a sudden loss of balance.

Causes for Loss of Balance

If you notice that your dog seems a little off in his balance or has been walking and running with a bit of crooked gait, this is not a symptom you should ignore. If it happens more than once, the reason could be a lot more serious than just overactive fatigue. Some of the most common reasons that dogs start to lose their balance include:

Ataxia or Vestibular Disease - this is basically a dysfunction of the inner ear that causes imbalance and a progressive weakness in the limbs as the condition progresses. There are several forms of the disease, and depending on the severity, it can compress the spinal cord or restrict head and neck movements as well. Other noticeable symptoms of Ataxia/Vestibular disease include abnormal eye movement, head tremors, swaying, excessive drowsiness and lack of appetite.

Head Trauma - if your dog experiences an injury such as a blow to the head, it may result in damaged nerves that cause pain and a loss of balance.

Inner Ear Infection - If your dog is losing his balance, walking in circles and scratching excessively it may be the result of an inner ear infection. If this is the root of his problem, you may also notice redness, swelling and a discharge or odor around the affected ear. Left untreated, an inner ear infection could lead to more serious problems such as meningitis, so it’s important to get your pet examined and treated as quickly as possible if you suspect he might have this condition.

Stroke - In rare cases, an unbalanced gait in dogs may be the sign of a stroke. Strokes can be caused by a variety of issues such as migrating worms, high blood pressure, blood clots and head trauma. If a dog suffers a stroke, he may also experience a loss of vision in addition to the imbalanced walk.

Causes for Collapse

If your dog collapses of faints, this is almost always a sign of a serious problem that should receive immediate care, even if he recovers quickly from the collapse. Sudden fainting may be a sign of major problems with the heart, lungs, bones, joints, brain or spinal cord.

Possible Treatments from our Local Diamond Bar

Treatments, of course, will depend on the specific health problem your dog is facing. Do not administer any drugs or medications without first consulting with your veterinarian.

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