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Bladder Surgery

Bladder Surgery for Pets

Bladder surgery for pets is also known as a cystotomy. The procedure consists of an opening on the pet’s bladder to help our veterinarians identify and treat bladder problems, such as clots, tumors, and stones. If your cat or dog is experiencing involuntary incontinence, loss of appetite, or lack of energy, they may need surgery. Before visiting East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA, read about what happens during the procedure: 


Why Do Pets Need a Cystotomy?

A cystotomy may be recommended for your pet if they have a tumor, clot, or a stone that is causing a blockage to the urethra and affecting the normal urine flow. When your cat or dog has a bladder stone or a tumor, they will appear sick, weak, and the condition could be fatal if it is not treated early. Our vets will perform tests, such as X-rays, to determine if your pet is exhibiting significant urethral obstruction and may need surgery.

What Happens During a Pet Bladder Surgery?

Our vets conduct an assessment test first to evaluate your pet's health and know if it's fit for the surgery. The assessment includes x-rays, ultrasound and blood work. If they need surgery, our vets will prepare the surgical area and shave or clean your cat or dog to reduce the possibility of infection following the procedure.

The surgery starts with a small incision on the bladder, which creating a better view of the interior. Our veterinarians will remove any items that may be causing discomfort, drain the dirty fluid, and use stitches to close the wound site. Bladder surgery usually takes about 45 minutes and can be effective in removing abnormalities.

What Happens After a Cystotomy?

Your cat or dog will need anesthesia for a cystotomy, however, the medicine should wear off in four hours. During this time, we recommend to keep your furry friend in a quiet area and away from other pets you may have. They should also be offered plenty of water and warm foods for a quicker recovery. For the best results, check the incision site daily to check the incision site for healing and provide your pet with any medication that was provide by our vets.

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If your pet is showing symptoms of urinary incontinence, our team at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA, can provide an immediate examination and surgery if necessary. Contact us at (909) 861-5737 today to learn about the surgical procedure and to schedule your appointment. 

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