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Abdominal Pain or Swelling

Caring for your pet means being aware of potential threats to their health and wellbeing. A few common, but serious conditions frequently afflicting pets is abdominal pain or swelling. This can be referred to as bloat, and may even be gastric dilation/volvulus or GDV. These issues require the immediate services of an emergency vet to help save your dog's life. East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic is proud to provide top quality veterinarian and emergency services to the residents of Diamond Bar CA. 

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Treating Abdominal Pain and Swelling or GDV

Sometimes a dog’s abdomen can become swollen (or bloated) as a result of the ingestion of foreign materials, gas, food, or fluid. When this occurs, it poses a serious risk to your dog’s well being. A swollen stomach may also be an indication of Heartworm which is a serious and far too common condition for pets. This serious issue can be complicated by another serious gastrointestinal issue called gastric dilation/volvulus. This is a condition in which the stomach twists. Some of the warning signs of this life-threatening condition include restlessness, retching, collapse, pale mucous membranes, weakness, depression, and cool extremities. If you notice any of these signs, don't hesitate to seek immediate veterinarian treatment from our top team of professionals who are ready to help you and your pet. 

Quality Veterinarian Services

Whether you're in need of routine wellness exams for your pet, or your pet has an urgent issue such as abdominal pain and swelling, at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic we can provide top-quality veterinary services on site. Our emergency veterinary services allow your pet to receive a full range of services under one roof so it can be treated quickly without the need for transport to another facility. We take pride in providing our clients with everything needed to properly care for their pet to ensure a healthy and happy life. If you are looking for a caring, professional veterinarian with emergency vet services on-site, call to set up an appointment today. 

Emergency Veterinary Care in Diamond Bar

If you suspect an abdominal condition in your pet, call the office immediately at (909) 861-5737 to receive treatment from our expert team. You can also ask about any of the products or services available at our clinic. East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic looks forward to providing your pet with a full range of services throughout their lives.

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